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Safeguard Your Bayside Home’s Water Supply with Backflow Prevention

Updated: Mar 2

Ensuring the safety and quality of the water supply in your Bayside home is a top priority.

One crucial aspect of maintaining a clean water supply is the installation and maintenance of backflow prevention devices, which serve to protect your potable water from contamination.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of backflow prevention, explain the types of backflow devices, and showcase the professional backflow prevention services provided by Legendary Plumbers Bayside.

Backflow prevention devices are designed to protect your home’s water supply from contaminants that may enter the system due to changes in water pressure.

This could occur for various reasons, such as a sudden increase in water usage, water main breaks, or equipment failures. By installing and maintaining backflow prevention devices, you can ensure that your home’s water supply remains clean, safe, and compliant with regulations.

Legendary Plumbers Bayside is committed to providing expert backflow prevention services to homeowners, ensuring the safety and quality of your home’s water supply.

Our skilled technicians are well-versed in the installation, maintenance, and repair of backflow prevention devices, ensuring you receive the best possible service and the peace of mind that your water supply is protected.

Importance of Backflow Prevention in Bayside Homes

In this article, we discuss the significance of backflow prevention in preserving the safety and cleanliness of your Bayside home’s water supply, and the expert services offered by Legendary Plumbers Bayside to ensure compliance and peace of mind.

1. Understanding Backflow and Its Causes

Backflow refers to the unintentional reversal of water flow in a plumbing system, which can potentially contaminate your home’s potable water supply with pollutants or contaminants.

There are two primary causes of backflow:
Back Pressure

Back pressure occurs when pressure on the downstream side of a plumbing system becomes greater than the upstream side, typically due to pump systems or elevated water levels.

Back Siphonage

Back siphonage transpires when negative pressure in the water supply causes water to flow backward. This could be a result of high water usage or a sudden drop in water pressure due to a break in the main water line or firefighting efforts.

2. Types of Backflow Prevention Devices

To prevent backflow from occurring in your Bayside home’s plumbing system, several types of backflow prevention devices can be installed, depending on your specific needs.

Air Gap

An air gap is a simple and effective backflow prevention device that physically separates the potable water supply from any potential contaminants. It offers a space between the water inlet and a fixture or container to ensure contaminants cannot cross the gap.

Pressure Vacuum Breaker (PVB)

A PVB is an assembly that prevents back siphonage by maintaining a continuous pressure in the water line, automatically closing a check valve when pressure drops to create a vacuum.

Reduced Pressure Zone (RPZ)

An RPZ is a complex assembly consisting of two independently operating check valves and a pressure relief valve. It offers protection against both back pressure and back siphonage, ensuring the highest level of backflow prevention for high-hazard applications.

Dual Check Valve

Dual check valves feature two spring-loaded check valves in series, preventing backflow due to both back pressure and back siphonage. This device is suitable for residential applications with a moderate hazard level.

3. Legendary Plumbers Bayside’s Backflow Prevention Services

Legendary Plumbers Bayside provides a comprehensive range of backflow prevention services to safeguard your home’s water supply:

Device Installation

Our skilled technicians can assess your Bayside home’s plumbing system and recommend the most suitable backflow prevention device for your needs. We’ll professionally install the device, ensuring proper function and compliance with regulations.

Testing and Certification

Regular testing of backflow prevention devices is vital to ensuring their proper function and adherence to local regulations. Legendary Plumbers Bayside can perform regular testing and provide certification for your backflow device to ensure continued compliance.

Maintenance and Repair

Our team can identify potential issues and provide maintenance and repair services for your backflow prevention device, ensuring it remains in optimal condition and protecting your home’s water supply.


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