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Outdoor Showers: Your Ultimate Guide to Installation and Considerations

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction

2. What Is an Outdoor Shower?

3. Pros and Cons of Installing Outdoor Showers

4. Important Considerations Before Installation

5. How Much Will It Cost?

6. How to Maintain Your Outdoor Shower?

7. Conclusion


As Australians, we are blessed with stunning weather, and there's nothing quite like freshening up under an outdoor shower after a day spent in the garden or swimming at the beach. Outdoor showers are a luxurious addition to any home. But before you dive into buying that stunning copper tap and rain shower head, let’s explore the essential factors that need to be considered for outdoor shower installation.

What Is an Outdoor Shower?

An outdoor shower is essentially a shower setup that's installed outside the confines of your indoor bathroom. It can be as simple or as sophisticated as you want - from a basic tap and shower head combination to a fully enclosed, high-end outdoor bathing experience complete with hot and cold taps.

Pros and Cons of Installing Outdoor Showers

Outdoor showers offer a host of benefits. They add a unique, practical feature to your home, increasing its appeal and value. Also, they're handy for rinsing off before entering the house after a sandy beach day or dirty gardening session.

However, there are some considerations to be mindful of. Privacy can be a concern. Careful placement and thoughtful design can mitigate this issue. Also, without the proper drainage setup, water pooling could become a problem.

Important Considerations Before Installation

Firstly, you need to consider privacy. Strategic placement of the shower and well-thought-out screening solutions are key. Next, look at your drainage. Ideally, you want to install your outdoor shower close to existing drainage to make it easier and more cost-effective.

You'll need to consider the type of taps and showerhead you want. Remember that these will be exposed to the elements, so it's important to choose products designed for outdoor use. Finally, it's vital to engage a professional plumber for the installation to ensure all plumbing work is up to code and performed safely.

How Much Will It Cost?

The cost of an outdoor shower can vary widely, depending on the complexity of the design and the fixtures you choose. A simple setup may cost around $1,000, whilst a high-end, fully enclosed shower might cost several thousand. Keep in mind, the cost doesn't just include the shower itself but also plumbing work, drainage, and potentially landscaping.

How to Maintain Your Outdoor Shower?

Maintenance for your outdoor shower is similar to your indoor ones. Regular cleaning is key, but you'll also want to make sure you're regularly checking the taps and shower heads for any signs of wear and tear due to exposure to the elements.

An outdoor shower is a fantastic addition to any Australian home. The key to a successful installation is careful planning and consideration. With a professional plumber on hand and a clear vision for design, you'll be rinsing off under your own outdoor shower in no time.


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