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How to Determine When Your Toilet Needs a Service

Updated: Mar 2

Toilets undoubtedly play a vital role in every household, so ensuring they function optimally is essential for the well-being of your family.

An efficiently working toilet contributes to better hygiene, sanitisation and minimised water wastage.

However, like any other appliance, toilets can develop issues from wear and tear and may require maintenance or repair over time. Identifying signs that your suite needs a service will keep your plumbing system in check and prevent the inconvenience and potential damage resulting from a malfunctioning toilet.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the telltale signs that your toilet needs servicing. We will also provide insights on how our team at Legendary Plumbers can assist to solve your toilet issues effectively.

Together, let’s explore how to keep your toilet in top-working condition to ensure your home remains a safe, clean, and comfortable environment.

Recognising Common Toilet Problems

To help you identify when your toilet requires servicing, let’s break down some of the most common issues homeowners face and how they manifest within your plumbing system.

Water on the Floor

Water appearing on the bathroom floor without a visible cause should not be ignored. It could be a symptom of a concealed leak, which can eventually lead to water damage and mould growth. In such cases, a professional plumber can thoroughly inspect the surrounding area and identify the source of the leak, potentially saving you significant repair costs. This can be particularly dangerous in the event that you have an electric bidet suite, always ensure you speak to a licensed electrical like our team at Legendary Electrical to ensure your bathroom is safe.

Constantly running toilet water

Constantly running toilet water can be a sign that your inlet or outlet valve needs replacing. This is not uncommon and in most cases a simple fix for a skilled plumber. While you can buy replacement parts for your toilet from local hardware stores, we highly recommend appointing a professional for installation especially when dealing with water.

Recurring Blockages

A blockage can be a frustrating problem to deal with for any homeowner. While occasional blockages can be a result of using too much toilet paper, if you find yourself reaching for the plunger all too often, it could indicate a more significant problem. A recurring blockage might be due to a partial block deep within the drain, this is commonly caused by a break in underground pipework or potentially tree roots that have penetrated your pipework.

Gurgling Sounds

Strange gurgling noises coming from your toilet can be a sign of a blocked vent pipe or malfunctioning drainage. When there’s an issue with your vent pipe, it disrupts the drainage system’s airflow, causing air bubbles to travel through the water in your toilet instead. Sometimes you will hear this bubbling and gurgling in your sink or shower, when you flush the toilet. A professional plumber can diagnose the source of the issue and recommend the appropriate steps to resolve it.

Unpleasant Smells

A properly functioning toilet shouldn’t emit unpleasant odours. If an unbearable smell persists around the toilet, it could indicate several issues, such as sewer gas leakage, faulty seals, or even blockages or burst pipes within your plumbing system. It’s essential to address the root cause of the smell promptly, ensuring that your bathroom remains a sanitary and comfortable space for everyone in your home.

Seek Professional Help for the Perfect Solution

Now that we’ve covered some of the clear-cut signs that your suite may require servicing, let’s discuss how Legendary Plumbers can help you resolve any issues effectively.

Routine Maintenance

Having your plumbing system undergo routine maintenance is vital, as it lets you detect and fix minor issues before they escalate into significant problems. Professional plumbers are skilled at identifying these signs and recommending the appropriate course of action, whether it’s a simple repair or a complete overhaul. Involving licensed experts in the maintenance process ensures your toilet’s optimal functioning and enhanced durability.

Advanced Diagnostic Tools

In cases where the toilet issue doesn’t appear on the surface, professionals have access to advanced diagnostic tools, such as cameras and pipe inspection systems, that allow them to identify problems deep within your plumbing infrastructure. This ensures that even hidden issues are promptly resolved, preventing potential future damage to your property.

Quality Repair and Replacement Services

Whether you require a simple part replacement or are dealing with a complete plumbing system failure, Legendary Plumbers can provide quality repair and replacement services. With a wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge about various brands and designs, our team can cater to any servicing needs, no matter how complex.

Expert Advice on Toilet Upgrades

If you’re considering a bathroom renovation, assessing the condition of your existing toilet is essential. Our team can offer expert advice on whether upgrading to a new suite is necessary, in addition to recommending an ideal replacement based on your needs and preferences.

Key Tips for Preventing Toilet Issues

By adopting some essential preventative measures, you can save yourself from costly repairs and ensure that your toilet always remains in peak working condition:

– Educate everyone in your household about what can and cannot be flushed down the toilet. Refrain from flushing anything apart from the usual expected items and toilet paper.

– Keep an eye on the age of your toilet—older ones are more prone to problems. If your toilet is nearing its lifespan, consider upgrading it for improved efficiency and fewer problems in the long run.

– Schedule regular maintenance checks with a licensed plumber. This allows potential issues to be identified and resolved early on, thereby ensuring smooth and worry-free toilet usage.


Q1. Can I repair my own toilet?

While it is possible to fix your own toilet, it is defiantly not recommended. 80% of the repairs that we attend, the owner has already spent several hours and substantial money trying to fix it themselves, only to call us in. We also quite regularly hear of flooded bathrooms caused by homeowners trying their hand at plumbing, which is often not covered by the homeowners insurance, leaving them massively out of pocket in the pursuit to save a few bucks.

Q2. At what point do we consider a new toilet?

While toilets can be repaired and parts replaced, eventually you are likely to find that your suite gets closer to a redundant age where newer parts just dont quite fit right, things are beginning to degrade and rust and you are spending more each year on maintenance than the cost of a new toilet, typically we see an expected lifespan of 10+ years on a good quality fixture and 3-5 years for sub $300 a hardware store toilet.

Q3. Should I buy my own toilet and have a Legendary Plumbers come and install it?

We offer packages for customers looking to purchase their own fixtures, however, for good reason we typically dont advise buying your own suite. When we supply our customers with toilet suites, we can generally offer them the toilet at the same price or slightly less than they could purchase it on thier own, saving them money. We also assist with the warranty of support of the product into the future should their be an issues, plumbers wont warranty products they didn't supply. Lastly if we supply the toilet then we will ensure a full measure up is completed to make sure your new toilet will work in your space, will suit your water and waste setup as well as ensuring you a receiving a quality item, that will last.


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